About the course

Some of us worship in churches, some in synagogues, some on GOLF COURSES.. - Adlai Stevenson

We have turned a neglected area with homeless people camps into the green oasis of the golf course and beach area. The 9-hole golf course in central zone of our regional city of Trencin was designed with respects for the existing levy and to enable active rest before and after work without the need for travel for all generations of players. Thanks to shorter holes and length of The Course, you can walk and play 9holes within 1.5hours.

Charming views of magnificent Trencin castle, river Vah, but also the old dam complements unforgettable experience from a round of golf on this unique golf course for Slovakia, which has been consulted with one of the best experts in the field Mr. Kyle Phillips and Mr. Mark Thawley and created with passion by Mr. Peter Scott. Typical flooding area along the river Vah with natural woods and gravel areas thanks to use of fescues mix remind the cradle of golf in Scotland, but mostly make it a low maintenance course while more environmental friendly regarding the use of water and extra care. The course gives you a feeling as it has been here for years and so rounding off the colour of the city that history goes back to 179AD.

Our 9-hole golf course is an ideal place for golf beginners, improving the short game for experienced golfers, but foremost a family course in relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Download score card – front side
Download score card – rear side

Safety first

  • Admission to the course is entirely at your own risk and after you have paid the green fee at the reception in our clubhouse.
  • In case of lightning, stop the play immediately and return to the club house without waiting for a warning signal.
  • A long tone siren, signalized by marshall, means immediate stop of play because of chance of lightning. You risk your own health by disobeying this call as well as further sanctions from marshall (you may be asked to leave the golf course without any reimbursement for the green fee).
  • “FORE!”is used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball. Squat down and use your hands to cover your head when you hear this warning.
  • Be nice to other golfers and always respect the safety rules.
  • Do not stand in direction of play or near the golfer who is playing his/her ball.
  • Keep the pace-of-play as included on the score card for each hole.
  • Pace-of-play: slow play will be penalized by marshall (warning - notification by marshall that the group is out os position, stop of the play and letting the next group, asked to leave the golf course without reimbursement for the green fee).
  • Fast groups threatening by their play groups ahead of them will be also warned by marshal and/or asked to leave the golf course without reimbursement for the green fee.

Repeated violations of local rules will be punished by warning and subsequently by asking to leave the golf course! Particularly serious violations of safety rules and play with driving range balls will be punished without warning and you will be asked to leave the golf course immediately without reimbursement for the green fee!

Wishing you a nice golf experience! Have a nice game!-)